DPCSONLINE in Vietnam 1st and 2nd report

Volleyball Card Game

Hello, this is Donkakun.

This time, I would like to report the results of DPCSONLINE in Vietnam.


Deck distribution

Distribution of the 1st deck

Others are Aobajosai mix Karasuno and date tech mix aoba and ushijima

2nd Deck Distribution

Winner’s Decklist

Player: thongprovip

The winning deck this time is Summer Camp Karasuno!

The concept of this deck is to use actions to increase your hand, and use starter HINATA and KAGEYAMA to keep producing 6 points.

The adoption of HV-03-13 Yu Nishinoya is also a factor that enhances the sense of stability so that HV-01-056 – NHƯNG BÂY GIỜ CẬU ẤY ĐÃ LÀ “ĐỒNG ĐỘI MẠNH NHẤT” RỒI and HV-02-054 – HÚ HÚ HÚ HÚ!!! are not bulky in the hand in the early stages.

This is also a cooperative deck type in HV-06, so please give it a try!

This deck is very difficult to play in HV-06, so I would like to write an article about it somewhere.

Success Points

There were some problems with the tournament on discord, but I think the most successful point was that we were able to hold it successfully.

Also, I think we were able to run the tournament smoothly by using the Google Form instead of reporting the results on discord.

I’ll do my best to make it a weekly event.


First of all, we were slow in dealing with problems due to language differences.

We were able to deliver the event at the same time, but we were not able to concentrate on the delivery because we were running the event and delivering it at the same time.

In addition, I feel that there were inadequacies in our explanations, as the methods that are common in Japan are not common in Vietnam.

I believe that this is one of the reasons why there were so few participants.

We would like to update the explanation to make it easier to understand.