Hi, this is donkakun.

This is an announcement about the Swiss draw tournament to be held in Penguin and Polor Channel discord server.



Tournament format

This tournament will be held in a Swiss draw.

The number of rounds is limited to one winner.(Up to 6 rounds)

Match points are 3 points for victory and 0 points for defeat.

There is no draw in this tournament.

Ranking judgment method

First, decide based on the match points. Next, decide based on OMW. There is a possibility that the ranking will be the same.

OMW is the Opponent Match Win Percentage.

Opponent Match Win Percentage is calculated by averaging the match win percentages of opponents.

Match Win Percentage is calculated by the following formula.

((Match Point)/((Number of rounds participated)×3)

The match win percentage for players below 33% is 33%.

This is because players do not suffer from extremely low Match Win Percentage numbers.

How to decide the first attack and the second attack

Predict if one player rolls the dice and the other player is odd or even.

If the prediction is correct, the player who predicted it is the first player, and if the prediction is wrong, the player who rolls the dice is the first player.

Deck construction rules

You can use all the cards sold in Vietnam.

You must use one deck throughout the tournament.

Deck type must be reported.

The top winning player submits a decklist. The decklist submitted will be introduced in YouTube or Blog.

The top prize winners who introduce the deck recipe are as follows.

Winner with 8 or less participants

Winner and runner-up with 9-16 participants

Winner and runner-up, 3rd place with more than 17 participants

Precautions when projecting the screen

There is no particular designation, but please make sure that all cards, including your hand, are displayed on the screen.

How to shuffle the deck

Because the tournament is held online, you cannot shuffle your opponent’s deck directly.

Therefore, shuffle your deck in the following ways.

①Shuffle your deck yourself and divide it into three decks.

②Ask your opponent to specify the stacking order.(The three decks are 1, 2, and 3 from the left side when viewed from yourself.)

③Ask the opponent to declare one number from 1 to 9, and move that number from the deck top to the deck bottom.

Tournament progress

1.Fill in the required information on the Google Form and enter

Select the date, handle name, and deck type of the tournament to participate in the dedicated Google Form, and the entry is completed.

At this time, make sure that the handle name is the same as the name on discord as much as possible.

If you want to cancel after entry, please apply on discord.

2.Check the combination and enter the designated room

The combination will be announced on discord when it is time to start the tournament.

Please enter the room written in the combination and start the match.

3.Report results using Google Forms

Please enter the date of the tournament you are participating in the Google Form for reporting results, your entry number, the round you want to report, and the result of winning or losing.

If you want to abstain, check Drop.

Purpose of holding the tournament

DPCSONLINE has three purposes.

The first is a place for Vietnamese players to practice.

I think that various events are currently being canceled and refrained from being affected by the new coronavirus. I would like to provide a place for practicing online as a support that can be done from Japan, even though I am afraid.

The second is understanding the distribution of the environment and sharing deck recipes.

This time, we will ask you to submit the deck type at the time of entry. The distribution of deck types will be announced every time. I hope you will find it useful in understanding the current trends. In addition, we would like to share deck recipes that many people can refer to by publishing high-ranking deck recipes.

The third is to be used as a reference when creating decks for Penguins and Polar CHANNEL.

donkun is Japanese and lives in Japan.

Therefore, it is very difficult to grasp the trend of deck type in Vietnam.

Through this tournament, I would like to understand the trends in Vietnam and introduce decks tailored to Vietnam.


I think that the organizer and participants are unfamiliar with the online tournament, but I would like to hold it every week, so please join us.